Assassin’s Creed III ‘Lost Mayan Ruins’ trailer

Ubisoft launches a new trailer in which we get to see gameplay footage of a mission called “Lost Mayan Ruins” from Assassin’s Creed III.

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Until Dawn: Move’s First Must-Have Experience?

Sony showed off an interesting title designed specifically for the PS Move at Gamescom: Until Dawn. The game is essentially an ’80s slasher flick that you’re dropped into that spans multiple chapters following eight different characters, most of which interact with the others at some point during their own chapters and often find themselves split up.

IGN had some hands-on time with a demo of the game, and described it as a game where literally hundreds of potential methods and endings that will change depending on how you go about the game. You could win the game with one character alive, you could win the game with all eight. That same one character may be near death when you win, or all eight could be unscathed. If you miss picking up a shotgun in one chapter, it may be there if you come across it later in a different chapter.

IGN reports that the controls seem obscure, but after a little fiddling around, it feels more intuitive than other titles and works strangely well.

This is one of those strange titles with potential. The game has no release date, but be sure to keep an ear open and look for footage from Gamescom online!

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Castle Crashers is Coming to Steam!

Earlier this week The Behemoth announced that Castle Crashers is finally making its way to PC, nearly four years after its debut on the Xbox 360. There has been no word on a release date yet, but designer Dan Paladin at least wrote a lovely poem for us all!

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Halo 4 ‘Prelude’ trailer goes behind the scenes

Microsoft and 343 Industries has released a new Halo 4 video, entitled “Prelude,” providing a look at the making of Halo 4.


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dayzcriticallyendangered said: " Particularly when there is no mention of games like Stalker, published by Ukrainian developer GSC game world, to which this mod owes a lot of its look and open world feel." Really? It OWES a lot to them? No. Bohemia Interactive developed Operation Flashpoint over a decade ago. This is where the open world feel and look comes from. Do e-journalists never research?

Funny, I don’t remember Operation Flashpoint requiring food and drink to survive, yet Stalker you do. I don’t remember Zombies or the idea of a survival horror genre in Operation Flashpoint, but I do remember that for Stalker. Both of these things change the open world feel dramatically. I mean, if we want to, we can talk about how this game owes something to Elite, the true grandfather of open world games. But I won’t because the genre and gameplay has a lot to do with what Day Z may or may not owe to a predecessor. Bohemia Interactive’s bread and butter is a military simulation (VBS1 and 2). Sure they have commercial releases but their “funding” for these releases comes from their military sales. Part of the reason Day Z feels so stale is because in terms of game play and engine boundaries, ArmA II has had little change from OF. The bullet detection, detonation, or trajectory may be better, the graphics are better, but there are no additions to the boundaries that the game engine affords Day Z to play with; to create the type of ingenuity Day Z is taking credit for. I suggest you play a bit of Stalker and try and get a sense of what I’m really saying here. Day Z is being lauded as a game that is something completely original, special, unique and industry changing. This just isn’t true. And we as a gaming community need to learn to be critical when we are force fed this kind of nonsense.

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Waaay back in 2010, to celebrate the Xbox’s one millionth unit solid in Australia, Microsoft Australia commissioned several different custom Xbox 360s be made and auctioned off.

One of those Xboxes was the one seen here designed by WETA Workshop co-founder and co-director Richard Taylor. I wonder if having Master Chief blow a hole in your Xbox voids the warranty?

If a custom Xbox console isn’t your thing, how about a custom Zombie Mario Super Nintendo (It’s his brain!).

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If Video Games and Consoles were… Cocktails?

David Houghton of GamesRadar has provided an answer in his recent article. The hypothetical cocktails are more a commentary on the game or console portrayed than actual recipes.

For example, Houghton’s describes a Duke Nukem Forever cocktail as:

Every time you’re just about to have it handed to you, the barman comes up with a new idea, takes it away and starts all over again. This goes on all night until the bar eventually closes. If you decide that you do ultimately still want to drink it, you have to come back the next day, when a new barman will fish out the dregs his predecessor left out the night before and stick them in a new glass with a bright-coloured but broken umbrella.

More hypothetical game cocktails, including the Final Fant-iced-tea and the Elder(berry) Scrolls, can be read in the article on GamesRadar.

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Nba 2k: Michael Jordan and the Dream Team Meet the 2012 Gold Medalists in NBA 2K13(via @Kotaku)

When Kobe Bryant hypothesized that the 2012 U.S. Men’s Basketball Team would beat the 1992 squad—the original Dream Team—Michael Jordan just laughed.

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Dead Space 3 gets release date, trailer & screens

During their Gamescom press conference, EA has confirmed that Dead Space 3 will release next February.

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